Friday, August 14, 2015

Ryan is 10 Months Old!

Ten months old! How does this happen?! Time is certainly zipping right along.

If I had to use one word to describe Ryan it would be CURIOUS. He is into everything! He is constantly moving around and exploring. He is quick on the draw too and can grab anything in a split second if he wants it bad enough. I spend most of my time following him around and making sure he doesn't eat every piece of fuzz or crumb he finds (how do they find every single little crumb!?) He crawls at the speed of light, pulls up to his feet no problem and has started cruising along furniture.
We are currently going through a bit of a home renovation. The hall bathroom flooded big time and we are replacing all the flooring in the house except for the bedrooms. So currently the hallway is down to the sub-floor which means Ryan can't crawl on it, so we are pretty much restricted to the living room and dining room. We are all going a little bit crazy and Ryan wants nothing more than to explore the hallway and go from room to room. Hopefully we get the new floors soon and he can have free reign again.

One of his favorite things to do is play in David's room. David loves it too. They both like the train table and Ryan quickly dismantles anything that David puts together. He loves to mimic whatever David does too. When David is playing with cars or tractors Ryan grabs one and pushes it around making the same motor sounds. It is flipping adorable!

His next most favorite thing to do is eat. Holy macaroni, this kid is an eater. He devours anything we give him. He wants whatever we have too. He will grab and squack at us until we give him bites of what we are eating. His favorites are pancakes, bananas, carrots, greenbeans, banana bread, cookies (duh) cheese and yogurt. He doesn't really have anything he doesn't like....except bottles. I've given up. He drinks what he drinks and we don't worry about it. Whatever, man.

I'd really rather not talk about sleep. It's totally hit or miss. I'd say most of the time he sleeps until 5am and wakes up to eat and then goes back down for a couple more hours. Once in a blue moon he will wake up more than that and then sometimes he sleeps all the way until 6:30. He still takes two naps, but I think he's about ready to go to one nap, which will be really nice as far as getting out of the house and doing things goes. David still takes his afternoon nap so it will be great to have them both on the same schedule.

And some other fun stats:
-Wears 12-18 month clothes. I can still stuff him in some 9 month stuff but I've mostly put it away. He's in 18 month sleepers and onesies for sure.
-Wears a size 5 shoe, which is pretty much impossible to find. Target, why don't you have more baby/toddler shoes! Seriously!!! He's also worn out one pair so far. David has yet to wear out a pair of shoes in his three and a half years of life, but Ryan destroys one in less than two months?! Once he's in a 5.5 he'll be in David's hand me down Stride Rite shoes, hopefully those fit better.
-Says "Dada" and "Mama" but mostly just Dada. I think he says "Ba" for bottle and "me" for Missy, but you just never really know.
-Shakes his head "no" when he doesn't want to do something, like put on his pajamas and sleep sack, yet he cannot sleep without the sleep sack. I'd like to ditch it, but he depends on that thing.
-Does have little lovey blankets that he adores. They are little muslin blankets with satin trim and he rubs them on his face to fall alseep.
-I still don't have a job. Hahahaha. Sigh.
-Waves! Well not really "waves" so much as puts his hand up in the air toward you every time someone walks in the room. It's hilarious. 

So, there it is. We are in the home stretch of his first year. I've started getting his birthday party all planned out and I just got his shirt for the big day in the mail yesterday. It's pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen. On to month 11!

He wasn't feeling the monthly photo shoot this month. Poor bubba!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ryan is 9 Months Old!

So, Ryan is actually almost 10 months old and I'm just now getting around to this post. Poor little second baby.... But I want to be sure to capture his 9 month pictures and update, so here goes...

Height: 30.25" (95%)
Weight: 20lbs 11oz (50%)
Another tall and skinny one!

Pulls up to his knees all the time and has even tried to climb the couch cushions on occasion!

LOVES food and gobbles up anything we give him.... except his bottles, he still hates those.

Adores his brother, wants every single toy he has. He also loves Missy and we have to keep him from crawling all over her all day, even though she doesn't care in the least.

Happily goes along with anything. He is so laid back. He went to two town fairs this month and happily chilled out in his stroller and the Ergo the whole time. He's a dream baby!

He's still not sleeping through the night, but I really think we are getting there!

I've been home all month and while the circumstances aren't exactly the best, I am absolutely loving being home right now while he's this age. He does something new and adorable every day and it is SO NICE to be able to pop in and see what he's doing whenever I want (the nanny still comes because as it turns out looking for a job is a full-time job in and of itself...) He's so cute and so loveable and he is a total mama's baby. I just love this age so, so much!

And now for a whole bunch of pictures in no particular order because I don't have the patience to mess around with the formatting. Yay! 

David took this picture and I kind of love it :)

See you in a couple weeks for his 10 month post. TEN MONTHS?! How can that be?!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ryan is 8 Months Old!

Oh Ryan, he's 8 months old! How can can that be?! He's the sweetest, cutest, most wonderful little dude! I want to freeze time right now because he's so awesome!

Month 8 was a pretty big one for him! He's doing all sorts of new things and it's exciting and scary how fast it's all happening!  
He has started eating some big boy food! He still loves his baby cereal and baby food but he's also taking little bites of whatever we are eating and has developed quite the love affair with yogurt melts! No choking or gagging, just gobbles them right up! He gets so excited to eat. We used to be able to eat while he played, but no longer! He's gotta get in on the action too.
Unfortunately, he still hates those bottles. He will drink enough to take the edge off and then he's done. I'm lucky to get him to drink more than 4 ounces at a time. Usually, it's more like 3. And he's a big guy! I am doing pretty good about not  FREAKING OUT about it, but man it would be nice if he'd just drink! I'm in the process of switching his formula because I don't think he needs the 'sensitive' formula anymore and the main ingredient in that stuff is corn syrup. Not cool. So far he's handling it well, so I hope to be back on the regular milk-based stuff soon. Maybe he'll like it more?

Sleep? Oh sleep. Hahahaha. I thought he was on the road to sleeping through the night but I was wrong. He had a couple weeks where he woke up at 3am to eat and the past week it's been more like 4am and then the last two nights it was 5am. Maybe he's working his way to 7?? I want him to sleep through the night but I also want him to eat and the only time he will down a full bottle without fighting me is in the middle of the night, so we do it. He's only little once, right?  He does take great naps and is overall very happy so we can't complain.
The most exciting thing his 8th month brought was CRAWLING! He is on the move, in a big way. I went to the lake over Memorial Day and Zach said he was crawling a little tiny bit but then in the next two days he really took off. He's all about it! He knows exactly where he wants to go and he will get there, by god! As I suspected, he's going to be the "get in to everything" baby. David never got in to anything, so we never really had to baby proof, save for the gate at the stairs. But this one? Oh man. He's going to give us a run for our money. Currently his most favorite things are the dog toys and cords. He can find a cord anywhere!!!

I'm pretty sure he has one word. I think it's Dada, but it could also be David or Dog. Or maybe he's saying them all? He babbles and jabbers all the time, so I think he'll be talking up a storm like his brother before we know it! 

Speaking of his brother, they love eachother! David is so excited to go get him when he wakes up and Ryan just smiles so big at him. They are starting to play together a little bit too. David is learning not to take his toys away from him and Ryan is learning to speak up when he's not happy! This is going to be a noisy house!

Other fun stuff:
Clothes - In size 12 months for the most part. Some things he can get away with in 9 months, and other things he could probably use 18 months
Diapers - In size 4 for night time and 3 during the day, but the next box I'll get him 4s
Weight - not sure! Definitely over 20 pounds. He goes to the doctor next month, I can't wait to see
Eyes- Blue-green right now. Definitely darker than Davids, but they don't look like they'll be turning brown
Bedtime - Usually 7:30pm
Favorite Food - all of it. The only thing he hasn't liked is avocado
Favorite Toys- Anything David has, his activity cube, Sophie the giraffe, rings, shape sorter, ring stacker and activity table
Cutest thing- When he wakes up or whenever you pick him up he will touch your face and put his forehead to yours. It is the sweetest thing ever.
Not so cutest thing- I'm pretty sure he wants to scratch my face off
Loves - Bathtime, dinner time, crawling
Hates - putting on his pajamas, putting on his sleep sack and getting his face wiped
Funniest: He has the best belly laugh. And he's SO ticklish! 
 So, here's to 8 months bubba! Can't wait to see what the next one brings! 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ryan is 7 Months Old!

Ryan is seven months old and I can hardly believe it. Where has the time gone?! I can’t even begin to tell you how much happiness this little guy brings us all. He is truly a joy. I've had this written for about two weeks now but am finally getting a chance to post it. Here goes...

He’s a lot better with the whole eating thing lately! I can tell he doesn’t love drinking his bottles, but he does it. He DOES love eating his baby food though. He seems to like veggies a little more than fruit, but hasn’t flat out refused anything yet. I’ve been making a lot more of his food this time. David always hated everything I tried to make, but Ryan doesn’t seem to mind. So far I’ve made squash, peas, greenbeans, broccoli, bananas and carrots. Next up are sweet potatoes and pears. It’s so easy to make! I’ve even given him a few bites of our food like noodles and potatoes and he likes that too. 

He seems to be over his terrible reflux. I'm still giving him his medicine, because the last time I tried to wean him it didn't go well at all. I have decreased the dosage and he's tolerating that, so I think pretty soon we'll be done with the yucky medicine all together. SO glad to be past the spit-up stage, that is for sure.

He’s a lot better with sleeping too!! Woo Woo! I finally broke down and let him “cry it out” for a couple nights. The first night was the worst. I finally gave up after a while and gave him his binky. The second night I gave up too. Then the third night he slept. He’s been doing pretty well since then!! He does still want a bottle pretty early in the morning around 5, but I can usually get him to go back down. Sometimes if he sleeps until almost 6 he’s up for the day. But whatever, I will take it! He’s down to two naps a day and is pretty good about taking good naps. Fingers crossed it keeps up. (spoiler alert---it doesn't)

He’s mastered sitting up. He loves it! Just give him some toys and he’s perfectly happy. We still keep the boppy behind him, but when he does tip over he usually just rolls around and hangs out on the floor. He’s trying SO HARD to crawl. He gets up on all fours and rocks and has even started going up on his feet, but can’t quite figure out that he has to move his arms to get anywhere. Only a matter of time.

He is such a cuddly baby. David never ever ever liked to be held (oh how that has changed!) he just wanted to be constantly entertained (that has not changed at all). Ryan is perfectly content sitting on our lap or  cuddling in the chair. He has even started giving big slobbery open-mouth kisses. And I think my most favorite thing he’s doing right now is grabbing my face with both hands when I pick him up and smooshing his face into mine. It is THE BEST.

He's always so happy. In fact if he cries we kind of freak out because he never does so we figure it must be something terribly wrong. Ha! He's just such a fun little guy. He smiles with his whole body and kicks his legs like there's no tomorrow when he's happy. I have a feeling he's going to be our easy-going happy guy. Fingers crossed!  I can't wait to see the fun things he does next! 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Ryan is 6 Months Old!

Hello! So Mr. Ryan is six whole months old now! How is that possible?! It's so cliche, but time really is speeding by right now. 
He is quite literally the happiest baby ever. I keep thinking he can't possibly be any happier and then he is. The only time he gets crabby is when he's tired or bored of being in the same place for too long. That's pretty much it. Well, unless it's the middle of the night and he wants his binky or wants to eat, but we'll get to that. He's just a happy, happy guy! He is calm and mellow and likes to just sit and watch what's going on. 
His favorite activity is bouncing in the doorway Jump N Go. He goes to town in that thing! He'll just jump and chew on the little butterfly toy that I hooked to it till his hearts content. David loved it too. I think it's because it's in a part of the house where he can see pretty much everywhere, so there's always something new to look at. 
We had a couple really good weeks with drinking his bottles. It was really great. But, now we appear to be back to The Struggle. I think he's just too busy to be bothered with it honestly. He wants to sit up and look around and leaning back to drink a bottle is just so annoying, mom! I might try to introduce the sippy cup here pretty soon, maybe that will help. 
So, because he's not eating much during the day, he's not sleeping well at night. For a while he was sleeping from 7:30 until 5am pretty consistently. I can deal with that. But, the past week he's been waking up to eat at midnight as well. We try everything to avoid feeding him first, but he is an angry dude and wants to eat! Once we feed him he's back down super fast. I know I need to do something as far as sleep training, but.... ugh...I just don't want to for some reason. With David I was ALL ABOUT the sleep training, in fact he was sleeping through the night 12 hours by now, but knowing that Ryan is the last baby, I'm just not in a super huge hurry to stop the midnight cuddles. Even if I'm completely exhausted. I don't know. Maybe in a few more weeks?? Who am I and what have I become?!
He has started eating real food though! We introduced solids a couple weeks ago. For the first week or so he just spit it right back out at me. Every single bite. Then he had some peas and whoa baby, he likes peas! He gobbled them right up. Bananas are a favorite too. Now when I get his food out and put his bib on he starts opening his mouth like a little baby bird. It's so cute!
We've had a lot of really nice weather lately, so we've been taking him outside with us for a while here and there. He likes to hang out in his bounce bounce baby and watch all the kids play in the cul-de-sac. We have 3 other babies in the neighborhood so we talk about getting them all walkers and letting them chill out with each other. It's baby city around here! 
A couple weeks ago we made our first trip to Sioux Falls. Ryan did pretty well in the car. He did like to spit out his binky every few minutes so I got pretty good at reaching around to pop it back in, but ended up with a pretty bruised up side from reaching around so much. Ha! He had a good time visiting with all his cousins and grandparents and was a happy little guy! We hope to get back up there one more time this summer. 
He got his first two teeth! The two bottom ones popped through shortly after he turned 5 months. He was pretty crabby for a couple days and that was about it. Pretty easy stuff! Hopefully the rest come in that easy too! He's a drooly monster so I suspect a couple more are on the way.
His favorite toys are a stuffed alligator, his monkey plush hanging on his car seat, a ball with a bunch of little plastic tubes to chew on, his bounce bounce baby, the roll and crawl ball and his little einsteins turtle toy. He loves tags too, he finds them on everything. David was all about the hard plastic toys, but Ryan seems to like softer things. 
Otherwise, things are going pretty alright. We've had a lot of challenges this past month and sometimes I feel like things just keep piling on top of each other. It's been pretty rough, but Ryan is like a little light. He makes me so ridiculously happy and I cannot wait to see him and cuddle on him every chance I get. That little turkey and I had such a hard pregnancy and a kind of crappy recovery (I'm still fighting a bum foot that refuses to heal) and a rough first couple months so it's such a relief that he's now such a happy little feller and loves to cuddle. He's helped me through these last two months more than he'll ever know. (Zach and David have too, of course...)
So here we go. I can't wait to see what month seven brings! 

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